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Welcome to IOT Technology Inc.

In our world, 'things' speak for themselves and everything is connected. IOT Technology, Incorporated's platform-as-a-service brings people and devices on the same level to create synergy. The Internet of Things redesigns and reinforces Machine-to-Machine and Information Technology, and opens more possibilities in solutions integration and application. The IOT ecosystem is the framework that will re-define the ways, experiences, processes and objects keep up and evolve in the future.


The age of the 'Big Data' has begun. Enterprises amass limitless and complex data - customer, logistics, financial, social - that can be transformed to gather business intelligence, innovate ideas and solutions. If you can predict market behavior quicker and more astutely than the competition, maximize the potential of new investments, or be able to comprehend your firm's carbon footprint; what will you do with the knowledge?


IOT ratchets up machine-to-machine solutions by integrating the cloud in IT and mobile systems to go beyond automation and straight into remote management, real-time monitoring and accurate check & balance of operational and other processes. Within the network, devices/equipment can transmit data wirelessly from the source (i.e., delivery route, plant, office) into a data manager, which can respond in different ways, like sending notifications to ensure process flow or activating a stop button to de-escalate problems.


Implementing the 'Internet of Things' now is achievable and advantageous due to the proliferation of mobile devices and Internet ubiquity. IOT Technology Inc. combines existing infrastructure with the right tools and multi-platform services to communicate with everyone and broaden your reach. Also, with networked devices being able to query information from a database - check inventories, product details, customer accounts, among others - you'll be marketing everywhere anytime.


IOT can influence society in a huge way. Besides connecting people from distant locations, it can unite services, efforts and concerned organizations to promote public health, safety and welfare. Interconnected systems can be established as a command center for disaster relief and rescue operations and other risk situations, or raise resources and awareness for humanitarian causes.

Our Expertise


We set up technology-driven solutions outside your company organization to lessen your CapEx. Your firm can run multi-platform services like fleet management & dispatch without huge investment. We will run these services on your behalf while you focus on your core business.


We engineer systems and solutions to empower your company's processes and operations. We help you get the most out of your resources by re-tooling your machines and equipment to perform smart tasks.


Under a long-term partnership agreement, we will provide you with the technology, infrastructure and services to grow your business. In return, we will get a percentage share of your revenues as they increase.


You get our expert opinion and analysis backed up by years of experience in computer and mobile systems, telecommunications and I.T.

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